Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Introducing SUNDEW Cottage…..

The paint isn't dry ( honestly) but I  had to share a few images of this amazing cottage. The porch floor  paint ( Tybee Turquoise) isn't dry and the exterior fence and landscaping and pool area aren't ready but  here are a few images Anna took today.( SO glad Anna is back helping me this summer while school is out)

 More  photo and the interesting story about SUNDEW……..

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summertime ..summertime ...

I am of the opinion that shade is very underrated. In the summer , in the south, we have so much humidity that I have come to call SHADE...  my special friend. It  is 99 degrees today and I have been working in and out of the heat for several hours. Forget looking calm , cool and collected. A hot mess is what is the agenda for today… Welcome to summer.!!!
This past spring, I worked on an interesting vacation home on a quite shaded street in the middle of Tybee Island. I helped them finish the upstairs rooms and create a wonderful library with great  comfortable white leather chairs and fun and funky little touches. I keep thinking about this special place because it has wonderful shade and I would love a cool quiet corner of the world  right about now.

a great large open space with lots of room for yoga , art projects , naps and cocktails 

I fell in love with this little truck and it inspired me for the room

It is pet friendly with great porches, high ceiling and LOTS of shade…...

The architecture and the windows are all placed as if you were in a tree house. I watched it being built and was so delighted when I had a chance to go inside when it was finished.

Here are a few photos of the interiors and the very relaxing and cool sleeping porch….Shade  shade shade.. wonderful shade
welcome to
All DEY SANCTUARY  we are a pet friendly retreat

How delightful is this space and how interesting with the mix of natural elements

a wonderful place for alone time...

for pondering the universe  or for having a "Big Chill ' party with old friend or new

the perfect place for a diner party…..I call it "Bed and Breakfast"
It is rented by Tybee… there are great photos on the website of all the great spaces and details. All Dey Sanctuary 1115 Solomon Ave.   Enjoy!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

The WOW Power of Color…….

I have an exciting new project and it will be amazing . The client is fun and funny and loves color.
the inspiration for the  cottage

My mother's Day present that inspired  me….island hibiscus !

the Jane Coslick Cottage colors that I am using 

the exterior cottage color  

the outdoor fabric throw pillow is my client favorite

mixing raffia accents ( this is a different project play room at Doc Holiday cottage)

and this ( Doc Holiday Cottage)

99 steps cottage   more inspiration
I think I am in love…….color beautiful color……

( it will be a

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Living Coastal ..An Original Southern Gem !!!

One of my favorite old island the universe!!! I had absolutely nothing to do with it from a design point but as a preservationist , I am thrilled beyond words that it has been preserved and restored in all its glory.
When people speak of "all things coastal" ….

                                                     front of the house faces the river

                                                               beautiful oak trees

the tide is out

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12 foot wide porches

the laid back life

the garden

the view from the dock

Dock life!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Color And The Simple Laid Back Lifestyle.

Details and a bit of this and that…
I have been working on putting my office back together after a Coastal Living  photo shoot. It happened last week and I still  I can't find the  "taking car of business" things that I need. Therefore I am relaxing with Lance, the office kitty, and reviewing the past 15 years in technicolor ….I am pondering my new projects  while visiting my old ones.
My client are the center of any project.  I work around their  houzz photos, pinterest pages, their magazine articles, their "can't live without" list and the actually sizes of the the rooms and spaces . I try in some cases to keep them from over spending and over buying until we get the basics in place. Tiny space does create limits and EVERYTHING  that goes into a room has an impact…no so much with larger spaces.  The key here is to not overload the room.
In reviewing my photos, I realize none of the spaces have gone out of style or look dated.  They are a mix of "what we had on hand" and what is interesting and unusual that I ran across in my travels.
Then it came to me .. ….What I  create  for them is a  Lifestyle. Some are more formal, more sophisticated , but some are more bohemian, more "rusty crusty" but all definitely in the Island Style.
Some are casually elegant while other are simple and calming. Some are wild and wooly and some are a mix of what the client owns and how I mix it with a few new pieces.
I love it!!! Not many rules apply…. (other that the one I previously mentioned)

my most favorite shutters found a home at the beach...

Happy Island Sunday……………….